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June 14 - 16, 2024

Alberta Centre For Trapping and Bushcraft, Teen Time Ranch, Dapp AB

The Introductory Basic Bushcraft and Survival Course introduces the trainee to the essential concepts of wilderness living and survival, enabling them to operate in the wilderness with greater confidence, safety, and enjoyment.

Recipients of this training will subsequently see the wilderness very differently, enabling them to relate to their surroundings more readily, while more easily identifying nature’s abundant resources, and responding to risk situations more capably.

Whether you access the wilderness as a hunter, hiker, trapper, snowmobiler, or wilderness camper, etc., this course will provide you with valuable skills to improve your general understanding and confidence in the wilderness, while keeping you and others alive an emergency occur.

This three-day course will be conducted entirely outdoors and topics will include:

  1. Survival Psychology

  2. Tool Techniques and Safety (knife, axe, and saw, improvised tools)

  3. Fire (including improvised fire-starting methods)

  4. Introduction to Shelter

  5. Food and Water

  6. Introduction to Foraging

  7. Personal Survival Kit

  8. Clothing

  9. Weather

  10. Cordage, Knots and Lashings

  11. Introduction to Wilderness First Aid

  12. Rescue Protocols

  13. Predator Awareness



Russ Meades grew up in rural England and spent all of his spare time exploring and learning about the countryside.

He acquired many skills in improvisation from local characters that would later serve him well in the military.

Formal exposure to the concepts of survival was gained while training with the British Army in the early 1980s.

He took a keen interest in the subject and began teaching basic survival to British Army troops in 1987.

Following immigration to Canada and transfer to the Canadian Army in the early 1990s, Russ maintained and developed his survival skills which were useful on his many solo hunting and hiking trips as well as in his military activities.

In 2007, Russ transferred to the Canadian Rangers as their Operations and Training Officer and was able to gain further knowledge from many very experienced Rangers.

In 2017 Russ led the design team that produced the Canadian Rangers’ advanced survival course. In 2019, Russ was honoured by the great Mors Kochanski by being certified as a Wilderness Living and Survival Instructor.


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