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Simple, but not easy to produce. Rawhide is useful for Clothing, Shoes, Containers, Glue, Musical Instruments etc. Endless practical uses for Rawhide.

Working rawhide gives us a unique view into the world of our ancestors and strengthens our connection to our own natural resources.

This one-day hands on workshop will guide you through each step in creating a Deer, Elk or Moose rawhide, that can be used in traditional crafts, tanned into leather, or stored for later use.

Simple, but not easy to produce, compared to tanned leather.

  • Rawhide is a firmer medium to work with making it ideal for use in making lashing, parfleches, drums and more.

  • Rawhide can be found in clothing, shoes, containers, glue, musical instruments etc.

Time and patience!

This is a 1 day workshop.



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