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Intensive Northern Bushcraft-Wilderness Survival Course

7 Days



A unique 7 Day Wilderness experience. Kelly Harlton is one of the most skilled pleasant instructors in the world on Northern Bushcraft/Wilderness Survival skills.

See Video Below of Day 5 of the last course....

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Harlton Uses the 5 Cs of survival

Cordage — Stuff to bind things with, like para cord or rope.

Cutting tool — A knife, axe or saw, depending on personal preference.

Container — “One of the issues we have all the time is purifying water and it’s one of the hard things without a certain skill set,” Harlton said. “There’s lots of ways to build containers, but to carry one your are way further ahead.”

Cover — This can mean larger things like tents or shelters, but can come down to simple clothing to protect from the elements.

Combustion — A means with which to start a fire.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is extremely beneficial to anyone who enjoys wilderness adventures off the beaten path. This course will offer the student the chance to learn and practice Wilderness Skills, Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival. This is for folks that spend time in the bush/outdoors, or the outdoors person just starting out, that wants to become more comfortable in wild surroundings (not the populated park experience). What will I Learn From this Course? The course will invariably cover a lot of information and skills. The goal is to cover some of the core skills in the first few days, and then pending time, group interest, energy levels, weather, and skill levels, there are numerous other options/possibilities. The Course can be adjusted on the fly depending on the above items. The participant should anticipate Increasing their skill and knowledge and comfort in the bush and also expect lots of hands-on, time around a fire, getting dirty, and having fun. Core Skills: 1) Knife Skills 2) Fire Skills 3) Shelter and Wilderness bed Skills 4) Rope and Knot Skills 5) Useful Medicinal Plants 6) Water Purification and Hydration Additional Skills (note there will always be a selection of these covered...just a case of which ones and how many ……..depending on Group, Skill levels, time and weather, there are lots of options way too numerous to list.

-Bush Teas -Primitive cooking techniques -Campfire Bannock

-Tarp set ups -Axe use -Friction fire -Flint and Steel fire

-Netting -Projects -Out trip -Conveyance methods -Campfire cooking -Stump stoves -Natural cordage -Roots and withy

-Camping in the old style (think blanket pack camping etc)

-Natural Navigation-Map and compass


Instructor Kelly Harlton

Kelly Harlton with Survival Shelter
Kelly Harlton with Survival Shelter

Kelly is filled with incredible knowledge that is delivered with a humble attitude. He will keep you grounded to the course in ways you cannot imagine. Kelly is one of the most knowledgeable, skilled and pleasant instructors in the world on Northern Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival skills. He continues to instruct for the military, forestry service and offer education to outdoor enthusiasts. If you search the internet you will see for yourself all Kelly has to offer for someone looking to learn more about Northern Bushcraft and Survival. Truly a gifted Wilderness Instructor.


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