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Jun 1, 2024

Alberta Centre For Trapping and Bushcraft, Teen Time Ranch, Dapp AB

The knife is your most important survival tool, second only to your brain.

It can do many of the tasks of an axe or saw, but most importantly, it is used to make fire . . . and in a survival situation, fire can keep you alive!

Join Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival Instructor, Russ Meades, for a full day of learning about this essential tool.

  • Learn how to choose a knife and how to perform its many uses safely, from making tinder and kindling for fires, to crafting triggers for traps, and from carving simple items like tent pegs for your shelter, to creating more elaborate useful projects for your camp or survival location.

  • Learn how to use it to strike a very hot spark.

  • Learn how to cut down saplings, then de-limb them and de-bark them swiftly and safely.

  • Learn to use the knife to build a viable shelter as well as to forage for and prepare food. And learn how to modify your knife for specific uses and how to sharpen and maintain your knife so it is always in top condition.

The course will run from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on June 1st, pausing for a quick lunch.

Everything you need for this course will be provided, including knives and other gear. 

See you there!



Russ Meades grew up in rural England and spent all of his spare time exploring and learning about the countryside.

He acquired many skills in improvisation from local characters that would later serve him well in the military.

Formal exposure to the concepts of survival was gained while training with the British Army in the early 1980s.

He took a keen interest in the subject and began teaching basic survival to British Army troops in 1987.

Following immigration to Canada and transfer to the Canadian Army in the early 1990s, Russ maintained and developed his survival skills which were useful on his many solo hunting and hiking trips as well as in his military activities.

In 2007, Russ transferred to the Canadian Rangers as their Operations and Training Officer and was able to gain further knowledge from many very experienced Rangers.

In 2017 Russ led the design team that produced the Canadian Rangers’ advanced survival course. In 2019, Russ was honoured by the great Mors Kochanski by being certified as a Wilderness Living and Survival Instructor.


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