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Camp Like None Other!

Trapping & Survival Skills

LEVEL 1, 2, 3

Our Youth Trappers Camp has turned out to be one of our biggest events of the summer.

We began this camp back in 2016 and it has taken off since then. Each student spends 2 days in the bush with us and learns some common-sense bush skills including:

  1. Knife Skills

  2. Axe Skills

  3. Bow saw handling and safety

  4. How to build a survival shelter

  5. What to do if you become lost etc.

There are 3 levels to this program.

1st level students receive a “bush bag” with a ferrocium rod, fire tinder, ribbon, emergency blanket, survival whistle, roll of 550 para cord, some small snare wire, etc.

Each year there is more for the students to learn as they go to the next level. This has been a very popular program and fills up fast.

On completion of all 3 levels the students are given a certificate and plaque along with a FREE standard trapper education course which enables them to obtain their licence as a provincial trapper.

This is an exciting program for the youth and it gives them the opportunity to work with their hands and get away from the cell phone digital world and learn some skills.

This program success has been from the volunteers and staff that have made themselves

available to work with our youth.

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